Species: Human

Family: Susie Carmicheal, Alisa Carmicheal, Edwin Carmicheal, Dr. Lucy Carmicheal, Randy Carmicheal,

First Seen: Meet the Carmicheals

Buster is "the king of sportsmanship" for the Carmichaels. Buster and his siblings all make their debut on "Meet the Carmichaels " when their family move into the neighborhood. Like Alisa, Susie also admires Buster for his bravery. He's a typical 10-year-old boy, very active, loves games, and most of all playing sports. He aslo likes to play with Susie when he can, but he also has a habit of trying to be dominating. Mainly with his older sister Alisa, which can be seen in "The Last Babysitter", as they butt heads for dominance. And decides to play a prank for her sending his friend home. However because of Susie and Tommy's interferance, his prank fails and Alisa sends him to bed.