Charlotte Pickles
Nickname(s) Char
Age 34
Family Angelica Pickles, Drew Pickles,
Series information
First seen Mommy's Little Assets
Last seen Brothers Grimm
Portrayer Tress MacNeille
Just what does Charlotte Pickles (born July 20, 1969 and married to Drew) do for a living? As she explains to her daughter Angelica: "A corporation is like a big, hungry monster. My job is to find plenty of smaller, weaker monsters for it to eat." Never out of her business suit, Charlotte has a cellular phone permanently affixed to her ear, through which she wheels and deals with high-powered honchos, sheiks, and her long-suffering assistant, Jonathan. She'd be lost without her sister-in-law Didi, who is willing to babysit for Angelica at all hours. Feeling a bit guilty about her workaholic ways, Charlotte lavishes gifts on her cute and pretty daughter, which is just fine with the spoiled Angelica.

Charlotte is a very gorgeous, with pale skin, an adorable button nose, big cheeks, pretty purple eyeshadow, sexy red painted lips, she has no ears but pink earrings replace the lack thereof, she wears her stunning blonde hair in a ponytail held together by a pink 1980s-style scrunchie, she has perfectly plucked eyebrows, her body is curvy and toned with big boobs, a tiny waist, big hips and a big butt with cute tiny feet. Angelica inherits her good looks and starts wearing her makeup and style. Charlotte ruins her good looks by getting too much plastic surgery thus rendering her unrecognizable.

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