Darwin Thornberry
Nickname(s) Dar
Age Unknown
Family Eliza Thornberry, Debbie Thornberry, Donnie Thornberry,
Series information
First seen Iron Curton
Last seen Eliza Unplugged
Portrayer Don Macksin
Darwin met the Thornberrys as they were filming a show and became friends with Eliza. The two pals wanted to communicate with each other, but obviously couldn't. It took a magic spell of an African shaman to enable Darwin and Eliza to talk, but they've been chatting to each other ever since. Darwin has adapted will to living with humans. He enjoys eating Cheese Crunchies and loves the safety that the Commvee provides him from the dangers of the wild. Although Darwin is easily startled and usually very nervous about following Eliza on one of her adventures, he almost always goes along, and has saved her life on numerous occasions. Even though Darwin is a chimpanzee, he is considered a valuable member of the Thornberry family.