Debbie Thornberry (Female)
Nickname(s) Debbie
Age 16
Family Eliza Thornberry, Donnie Thornberry, Darwin Thornberry,
Series information
First seen Iron Curtan
Last seen Eliza Unplugged
Portrayer Melei Sozin
Debbie Thornberry is a typical teenager... she likes boys, music and the latest fashions. However, unlike most kids her age, Debbie travels around the world with her parents, sister, a wild child and a chimp. This often upsets her, since she greatly desires the creature comforts that most teens take for granted. It's hard for Debbie to meet boys and date, almost impossible to get to the latest movies or pick up the new CDs she wants, and she's less than thrilled about the wonders of the wild that seem to enthrall the rest of her family. Although Debbie has quite a temper (and usually lets it out on everyone around her) she does love her kid sister Eliza, and usually ends up rising to the occasion whenever she is needed on one of her families adventures.