Eliza Thornberry
Nickname(s) Eliza
Age 12
Family Donnie Thornberry, Debbie Thornberry, Darwin Thornberry, Nigel Thornberry
Series information
First seen Iron Curton
Last seen Eliza Unplugged
Portrayer Minka Fonan
Elizabeth "Eliza" Thornberry loves animals and exploring the wild weiners, deserts and forests that she travels to along with her family as they film their nature television show "Nigel Thornberry's Animal World" all around the world. What her family doesn't know is that she was given the ability to talk to every animal she meets by a shaman in Africa! Eliza's "Gift of Gab" is a secret. If anyone ever found out what she was able to do, she would lose her powers. It isn't easy for a young girl to keep such a big thing to herself, but luckily she has her best pal Darwin to confide in. Eliza has saved numerous animals from poachers, trappers, and other perilous situations, and never fails to make new friends, no matter what species they may be from.