Howard DeVille
Nickname(s) Howie
Age 34
Family Phil DeVille, Lil DeVille, Betty DeVille,
Series information
First seen Touch-Down Tommy
Last seen Brothers Grimm
Portrayer Unknown
Howard is Phil and Lil's father, and Betty's husband. He is generally considered to be fairly shy. He tends to not be as bold as other, and usually took a back seat to his wife, in terms of domestic duties and parenting. Its revealed by Betty, that she use to poke him with her index finger during their school days. However after years, he realized Betty was only doing it because she was too shy to admit she liked him. He's seen in "Touch-Down Tommy" to be a big fan of football and was seen skiing in "A Rugrats Vaction". However like his timid personality he does seem to take household hobbies, such as builiding with toothpicks. In one episode "Twins Pique" the babies are seen sneaking through Betty's personal gym. Its revealed that Lil wants his special calculator. Hinting that he may also be in charge of keeping up with the bills. He was dressed as Professor Porter in Party Animals.