Species: Human

Spouse: Shirley Finster

Age: 56

First Seen: Family Tree

Marvin is Chas's father and Chuckie's grandfather and is Shirely's husband. For the most part, he is very old-fashioned. This is evident because of his lack of knowledge about the Lipschitz method of psychology, using "rabbit ears" to watch television, and not even knowing what cable is. He is the opposite of Chas and is a rugged outdoorsman type and in excellent shape. He tried to toughen Chas up when he was young but failed most likey due to Shirley. While he loves Chas and Chuckie, he and Shirely both regret not having more children to love and spoil. Both are extatic when Kimi joins their family, saying "Now we got two grandkids to spoil".