Name:Aunt Miriam



Age: mid to late 70's


Miriam is a very active senior citizen. She has been known to drive quite recklessly. She also wears a wig. She once lived in her own apartment, but eventually moved to a senior community, where she liked it so much that she talked her brother into moving there. Miriam is Grandpa's cousin, whom he initially disliked, but grew to love, and Angelica's "great aunt, once removed". Its revealed that during their childhood, Mim was very cruel to Lou by teasing him and threatening his life. Their relationship is very identical to what Angelica and Tommy have. When she comes to visit the family, Angelica takes an immediate liking to him to which Miriam remarks that she's just like her. Much to both Lou and Chuckie and Tommy's personal horror after hearing her declare that.

Its revealed in "Aunt Miriam" that the main reason she acted the way she did to Lou was because she was jealous of how he was the more favored one by their friends. And also because she knew no one would have help her if she were in real trouble, because she spent a good time scaring their friends and Lou, in addition to be younger than Miriam, it made her more jealous. IIt should be noted that this could be Angelica's own reason for always tormenting Tommy and the others. Upon hearing Miriam's confession, Lou and her reconciled and decided to start a friendship. Despite the reconciling, she's still known to pick at him at times, even once goading him into playing cards with her. She's seen in the Rugrats The Movie, she was seen placing bets on Dil's weight at the time of birth and in Rugrats In Paris: The Movie, dancing with Minka.