Samantha was first introduced in the Rugrats TV Movie special, All Growed Up. However, she later

Samantha Shane
Samantha Shane
Nickname(s) Savannah Shane
Age 4 (Pre School Daze)
11 (All Growed Up)
13 (All Grown Up)
Family Unknown
Series information
First seen All Growed Up
Last seen Petition This
Portrayer Laraine Newman
became "Savannah" in the shows, Rugrats Pre School Daze and All Grown Up. She is also one of the students in Angica and Susie's preschool class in Rugrats Pre-School Daze. She is voiced by Laraine Newman.

Description Edit

Samantha Shane is Angelica's best friend and Chuckie's love interest, 10 years into the future. She and Angelica are considered part of the popular crowd, she's seemingly friendly. She's about average teen, into popular music and make-up. She becomes very suspicious as to how both Angelica and Tommy have the same last name but how Angelica says they're not related. But brushes it off mostly, she even listens to how Angelica once asked her parents to change her last name to "La Tiffany" but said no. To which she scoffs, "Hmmm parents". She becomes Chuckie's love interest after she gives him her lip balm. Both she and Angelica had plans to go to the Emica concert, she becomes more suspicious when Angelica says she has a necklace identical to hers. However, when the concert time comes and Angelica shows no necklace in sight, Samantha becomes upset. Not by the lack of the necklace, but because she believes Angelica's been lying to her. To which she then declares to her, "I don't think you never had the necklace. And I don't think you've ever been to Paris, and I think you ARE related to that Tommy Pickles!!". Although she tries to explain, Samantha's tired of her lying, calling her a "phony". However when Tommy brings the medallion, Angelica finally comes clean and tells her the truth. Although she's shocked to hear her admit she lied, she doesn't get angry. Only calmly saying "I'll have to think about this Angelica", most likely meaning their friendship. However, despite her lying earlier, she seems to forgive Angelica a bit when she introduces Chuckie to her and explains how great he is. It is hinted that she had braces once, saying that her lip balm was good when braces can sometimes cause a person to drool. Its also hinted she may return Chuckie's affections as she says she thinks he'll be cute when his braces come off.

Looks Edit

In Rugrats Pre School Daze, she has six pigtails similar to Kimi Finster and two short ponytails. She also wears a pink t shirt, and purple pants.

In All Growed Up, Samantha is characterized by her purple shirt, red skirt, golden earrings and black boots. She wears her black hair down with a pink hairband. When she became Savannah, her hair is tied up in three pigtails on top of her head and is pulled back into a short ponytail.

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