Names: Spiffy, Sparky, Puppy, and Pepper

Species: Dog

Owners: Finsters

Mother & Father: Spike & Fifi

Spiffy and Puppy/Sparky/Pepper are the last two puppies that the Finsters gave away. Spiffy is the brave one,adventurous, hyper, fun-loving and generally excitable, just like Kimi, while Puppy is timid and scared, just like Chuckie.

Eventually, Spiffy ends up living with his "father", Spike, at the Pickles' house. Mostly because Stu kept begging Didi into letting him stay, saying it'd be wrong to separate father and son. Didi reluntctly agrees. Spiffy's seen again in All Grown Up, still living with the Pickles, however Puppy/Sparky/Pepper isn't it. Its unknown what happened to her during that time before All Grown Up. Puppy/Sparky/Pepper stayed with the Finsters to live with her "mother", Fifi as she does, Chuckie teachers her to be a lot braver. She even stands up for herself when Angelica tries to take her away from Chuckie by growling at her.