Kimi Finster
Three pigtails is a hairstyle worn by certain characters.

Wearers Edit

Kimi Finster Edit

In Rugrats, Kimi has purplish black hair tied up in three pigtails on top of her head. Her pigtails are a bit rounder than Samantha's, and are held by orange hair ties. Unlike Samantha, Kimi doesn't have her hair pulled back in two short ponytails. In All Grown Up!, she no longer wears this and now wears it mostly loose in a ponytail, then two pigtails.

Samantha Shane Edit

Samantha wears her hair down in the episode special, All Growed Up. However, in Rugrats Pre School Daze, her hair is tied up in six pigtails on top of her head and is pulled back into two short ponytails. When Samantha became Savannah in All Grown Up!, she has three pigtails similar to Kimi Finster and a short ponytail. Samantha's pigtails are a bit shaggier than Kimi's, and are held by purple hair ties in both shows.

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