LSpecies: Human

Family: McNulty

First Seen: The 'Lympics

Similar to: Angelica

Timothy "Timmy" McNulty is the oldest of the five McNulty boys, he makes his first debut in "The 'Lympics". He dominates his younger brothers, as if he was a military general. He can even be bossier than his biggest rival, Angelica Pickles. She develops a crush on him, because he's a lot like her when it comes to bossiness and dominance of the group. Like Angelica and despite his cuteness, he's loud, competive, sometimes a bit rude, mean, and doesn't mind resorting to cheating to get what he wants, though he is nicer and friendlier then angelica. She tries to gain his attention by challenging him and his brothers into the "lympics". Both win in the first part of the "lympics", Timmy decides on an obstacle course for a tie-breaker. During this, Timmy and Angelica both cheat to win until both decide to stop cheating. While Timmy begins to brag that he'll win because of Chuckie as a weak link, this proves however he underestimates Chuckie who needed to go potty. As Chuckie bolts through the whole course before Todd could even make his first step, thus Angelica's team won and as part of that Timmy had to trade in his gold medal.

While Timmy is considered the smartest of his siblings, he's also the more naive one. He's completely oblivious to Angelica's crush on him, this becomes more evident in "Be My Valentine", when he's also oblivious to Susie getting a crush on him. When they present him valentines they had made for him, Timmy doesn't understand the meaning behind it and simply believes he got little things to be used for his dalamation he had made on his paper. Timmy has a sort of belief in family honor and tradition, in "Fugitive Tommy" Timmy becomes bent on finding the baby who blew out their family ball and knocked down his baby brother. Like Angelica, Timmy also tends to be a liar to get his way, in "A Very McNulty Birthday" he lies to all the other babies and the girls by saying the girls can't play with him because they have "cooties". However, afterwards while Tommy and the boys try to find a cure for cooties, Timmy revealed he lied just to get rid of the girls.